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@RickToney01 Not the Titanic.
Here is the full photo with original description;
First class reading and writing room.
Ship No: 400. Name: Olympic.
Type: Passenger Ship. Tonnage: 45324.
Launch: 20 October 1910.
Delivery: 31 May 1911.

NYPD video warning about leaks to the media is leaked to the media - New York Daily News

Nine most watched regular season games of 2019 via: @FBSchedules

LSU at Alabama

Ohio State at Michigan

Alabama at Auburn

Penn State at Ohio State

Notre Dame at Georgia

LSU at Texas

Army vs Navy

Oklahoma vs Texas

Auburn at LSU

I want to retweet this. You are an exemplary American. Thank you for YOUR service to those who have given so much. This small kindness will reverberate in your life more than you know.


@RealJamesWoods I live in Casper Wyoming and will be attending this funeral.

This gold- and silver-plated connector was part of a Soviet collection device used against the US Embassy in Moscow during the Cold War. It was placed in a column in a dense rebar cage where items that reflected X-rays masked its location. #HISTINT #Museum

The winds off the Mountains are brutally cold! #jeep #weather #mountains @ Saguache County, Colorado

WWII Marine veteran without family to be buried in Wyoming // His internment will be in Casper, Wyoming. If anyone nearby has time, it would be a lovely gesture to attend.

A Secret Service investigation led to the indictment of a California man for running a scheme to defraud his former employer out of $350,000.

#missingchild Please be on the lookout for a missing child. 13 year old Puerto Rican male, approx. 5-04 and 170 lbs, wearing a white tshirt, white shoes, and possibly boxers. The child was last seen in the 1300 block of Aberdeen Ave NE and his name is Johnathan.

3 Day Countdown 🤼‍♀️ 🤼‍♂️
📍Mechanics Bank Arena, Bakersfield
🗓️ February 27-29
🎟️ Via Mechanics Bank Arena Box Office and AXS
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"When you asked me what I am most excited about, it's caring for the people and growing a cadre of people who understand these technologies."

Read more from CIA CIO Juliane Gallina's conversation with @FedTechMagazine:

SportStars is putting the finishing touches on our Baseball & Softball previews — including our Preseason NorCal Top 20 rankings and Top Players To Watch.
Who is your preseason No. 1? Which underdog is gonna surprise? We're live Friday morning at!

Hungry for a weekend getaway? Our editors have picked their favourite places to stay, where the suppers are every bit as good as the bedrooms.

Worldliness is the enemy of God. There is only one path against the spirit of the world: humility. Serving others, choosing the last place, not climbing the ladder. #HomilySantaMarta

RT #USArmyReserve LTC Bradley Allen spent the morning with Soldiers from the 143dEsc at a local gym to prepare for the #ACFT.

RT .HiringOurHeroes is holding a hiring event at the Washington Hilton in Washington, D.C. on Thursday March 5th from 8am-4pm.

Learn more:

RT Efficiency is Key

#USArmyReserve engineers with the 420th Engineer Brigade spent the weekend honing their skills in moving facilities within a 24 hour period.

RT #USArmyReserve Soldiers met with local civic leaders to discuss #DefenderEurope 20 & the impact of the exercise on the local communities in Zagan, Poland:


RT 81st Readiness Division hosts Effects Coordination Board to maximize collaboration & increase efficiencies among readiness divisions:

63rd_RD 99thDiv

RT .LTG_Luckey gave a presentation to students at the USAGMcCoy NCO Academy, giving them some career advice to remember as they move forward as future leaders in the USArmy.

Read more:

RT On January 2, 2020, #USArmyReserve Spc. Abhinav Johri officially became a citizen. Now, he’s on his way to becoming an officer.

Read about his journey here:

RT #USArmyReserve Soldiers under the 7thMSC are responsible for tracking more than 2,000 vehicles destined for USArmyEurope exercise #DefenderEurope 20.

Watch the video to learn more!

RT Throughout fiscal year 2020, a large number of medical & medical-support personnel are scheduled to take advantage of USAGMcCoy facilities & training.

Read about the services provided by these facilities:

RT “We are working on the technologies to provide Soldiers with protection from those future threats while not placing any additional burdens on the Soldier.” -Dr. Christopher Hoppel

Read about the USArmy’s program:


RT Come to the Imagine Gala to have fun AND to learn more about the services we provide to our residents thanks to support from partners and individuals like YOU!

RT premera We're also grateful to premera for their support of mental health in our communty! Their Mental & Behavioral Health Services Pilot for Affordable Housing Residents program allows us to provide on-site behavioral health services to our residents!

RT We are so grateful to premera for their support as a Constructing the Frame sponsor for our upcoming Imagine Gala & Auction! Join us on April 18 at the Meydenbauer Center for some #ImagineRoaring20s

RT The surrender of German submarine U-889 to forces of the Royal Canadian Navy. A RCAF Canso flying boat passes overhead.

Shelburne, Nova Scotia, May 1945. #WW2

RT A soldier of the Royal Scots provides covering fire with his Thompson submachine gun in the village of Namma, Burma, October 1944. #WW2

RT A British Daimler Dingo scout car of the Guards Armoured Division races through the streets of Nijmegen during Operation Market Garden, September 1944. #WW2

RT American engineers work to build a bridge over the Rur river at Düren, near Cologne. Germany, February 1945. #WW2

RT Act NOW by Feb. 25 deadline! Tell USDA: “free range” should mean higher welfare standards for chickens & turkeys:

Housing could be easier and cheaper to build under new city plan via @Santa Monica Daily Press

Katherine Johnson, the black woman whose mathematical genius took her from a behind-the-scenes job in a segregated NASA to a key role in sending humans to the moon, died on Monday at the age of 101

Pioneer Center North is a 141-bed residential treatment facility in NW WA state for people struggling w/chronic #BehavioralHealth issues. We're searching for Health Coordinators to support our clients in their road to #recovery. Email Kris directly.

US Navy Light Cruisers 1941–45 #WWII #WW2 #USN

Katherine Johnson was an inspirational “Hidden Figure” and a key player in sending the first humans to the moon.

"Seeing the Neelakurinji is extremely special." 🌺

#ad See how to set up a FUN, DIY cereal bar w/ NEW @GenMillsCereal breakfast options that include Jolly Rancher Cereal , Hershey's Kisses Cereal and Trix™ Trolls with Marshmallows Cereal all available NOW in-store at @Walmart! #NewYearNewCereals

This morning, a NASA hero passed away at the age of 101.

We honor Katherine Johnson's pioneering spirit and incredible contributions to science and spaceflight. Her dedication and skill as a mathematician helped put humans on the Moon.

Almost done writing the full story for ep2 and 3 to tie this up nicely. The hard part is to not make it just two dudes who hate each other, trying to fight...there's so much depth to both these characters. If this can be pulled off, it'll be ridiculously amazing.

Captain Jerry Yellin - Proud to say he was a good friend, and WWII fighter pilot who flew the last mission over Iwo Jima. Learn about his life and legacy:

Ivory diptych with the Emperor Triumphant
This diptych panel from Constantinople, known as the Barberini Ivory, dates to the first half of the 6th century and possibly depicts the Emperor Justinian or Anastasius
At Musée du Louvre in Paris @MuseeLouvre
Photo taken today

.@101Bastogne trains to fight in all environments and conditions!

Despite the weather, the Gator and Bayonet companies were out conducting squad training at @FortCampbell, striving to maintain a high-level of tactical #readiness.

📷 from @101stAASLTDIV



Archaeologists looking for a Roman villa in western Germany unearthed a Soviet spy radio—manufactured in 1987—that had been sealed in a metal box and hidden just a few miles away from a nuclear research center and military air base.

Break out your brooms, #NDFamily-- @NDHockey claimed a weekend SWEEP over Michigan! 🧹

Check out all the 🔝 moments from the road series.


24 February 1879 | Pole Feliks Nowacki was born in Warsaw. He was a Catholic priest; Incarcerated in #Auschwitz on 23 May 1941 (camp no. 15865). He perished in the camp on 20 December 1941. He was 62.

Starwood REIT Buys 3,336-Unit #AffordableHousing Portfolio via @GlobeStcom

Tune in tonight for an all new episode of McMillions! 10pm on @HBO. And did you know there’s also a companion podcast?? Check it out on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. #McMillionsHBO 🧩🕵🏻‍♂️💸👊

UPDATE: We now have two people arrested in connection to the #AmberAlert out of Sullivan County. The search continues this morning for little Evelyn Boswell:

New @YankeesPodcast today-2/24!

• Sevy in NY for testing on forearm
• Judge taking things slow w/ shoulder
• Spring Training games underway
• Manfred vs. Players Association
• Mailbags on Frazier, Andujar & Voit

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A simple one for #RecipeOfTheDay. Well, more a suggestion than a recipe: it’s Chick Peas with Rocket and Sherry

The remains of a knocked-out German PzKpfw IV tank, blown up by sappers to prevent it being recovered by the enemy, 2 November 1942. Check out for more:

I wish you may all learn to look at life from above, from the perspective of heaven, to see things with God's eyes, through the prism of the Gospel.

“We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God” (2 Cor 5:20)

RT A big sweet thank you to Chase for being our Dessert Frenzy Sponsor at our 27th annual Imagine Gala & Auction this April 18 at the Meydenbauer Center. Come to the gala to bid on a delicious array treats all in support of affordable housing. …

RT A HUGE thank you to the Boeing Employee Community Fund enabling us to renovate our community room at our Rose Crest apartments! Thank you for understanding and believing in our mission of developing affordable housing, building welcoming communities a…

RT Three of the six Marines in the "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" photograph, Sgt. Strank, Corp. Block, and Pfc. Sousley were killed in action during the battle of Iwo Jima.

They have never been able to know what impact the photo had, during and years a…

RT US Marine Hayes points to himself on the "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima" photo.

Hayes had a tragic and short life after the war, he was found dead lying near an abandoned adobe hut in Sacaton, Arizona, in 1955, aged 32. He died of exposure to cold and…

RT This day in 1942, Japanese Submarine I-17 fired around 25 rounds, using the deck gun, at the Ellwood Oil Fields, California.

Damage was minimal, no one was injured. The event marked the first shelling of the North American mainland. #WW2


RT "Raising the First Flag on Iwo Jima", taken by SSgt. Louis R. Lowery. The lesser known first flag that was raised atop mount Suribachi.

Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal had just arrived on Iwo Jima and claimed the flag as a souvenir. #WW2

RT This day in 1945 one of the most famous photograph of World War II was taken, "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima".

By Joe Rosenthal. #WW2

RT This day in 1943, battleship USS Iowa (BB-61) was commissioned into service at Brooklyn Naval Shipyard in New York, with Captain McCrea in command. #WW2

RT This day in 1943, Sophie and Hans Scholl (sister/brother) are convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich.

Both were executed by guillotine on the same day in the Stadelheim Prison, Mun…

RT This day in 1944, American aircraft bombed the Dutch towns of Nijmegen, Arnhem, Enschede, and Deventer. Nijmegen is hit the hardest, a large part of the historic city center was destroyed, 800 civilians were killed.

The bombings were unplanned and c…

RT A German soldier observes the battlefield which is littered with several knocked-out Soviet vehicles, including lend-lease British Churchill tanks, March 1944. #WW2

RT This day in 1939, HMS King George V (41) was launched by King George VI, following fitting-out and sea trials, she was commissioned into the Royal Navy on 1 October 1940. #WW2

RT This day in 1945, USS Saratoga is struck by multiple kamikaze attacks that destroyed her catapults and flight deck, ending her combat action in World War II.

In 1946, the ship was a target for nuclear weapon tests, Operation Crossroads, and was sunk …

RT Imperial Japanese Navy's battleship Yamato, the heaviest and most powerfully armed battleship ever constructed, October 1941. #WW2

RT Pvt. Glascock, US 6th Armored Division, shows a German StG 44 Assault rifle to the cameraman. Germany, February 1945. #WW2

RT This day in 1943, Dutch volunteer Mooyman receives the Knight's Cross, the first non-German to be awarded with this Cross, for destroying 13 Soviet tanks on 1 day. #WW2

RT This day in 1944, "Big Week", the USAAF and RAF conducted an all-out campaign against Germany’s aviation industry and the Luftwaffe. Heavy bombers hammered aircraft, engine, and ball-bearing plants by day, and RAF bombers attacked by night, from 20 to…

RT This day in 1942, Japanese bombing of Darwin, Australia.

The bombing of Darwin was the largest single attack ever on Australia. 242 Japanese aircraft attacked the town, ships in Darwin's harbour. Some 230-300 serviceman and civilians were killed. #WW2

RT Celebrate National Dog Biscuit Day with your favorite furry friends!

Once I show you guys how to weld in a new floor, replace the head gasket, and a few other small things, we will install the turbo! What boost should I run the stock D15 in the Del Sol? I want to double my HP and make…

Tonight on #worstcooks I burn down EVERYTHING. Okay, not really but it's what I was thinking. But then, we all know I'm the worst mentor on the planet. #replacealton @FoodNetwork

In Mobile, Carnival is more than an indulgent holiday. Its time-honored traditions have been passed through generations since the turn of the 18th century.

ALERT: Shooting in the 200 block of Okie Street NE.

LOOKOUT: Suspect B/M wearing a black hoodie last seen fleeing on foot.

Do not take action. Have information? Call 202-727-9099/Text 50411.

The Army Quality of Life Task Force oversees the comprehensive approach to strengthening the quality of life programs in support of the @ArmyChiefStaff’s number one priority, #People.

Learn more in this edition of STAND-TO!:

#QoL #ArmyLife