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RT Whether or not to travel — and how — during the coronavirus pandemic has become a flash point for families, friends and travel companions

RT The photographer Luke Sharrett flew to Albuquerque, booked the cheapest rental vehicle he could find and headed west toward Route 66 — or what was left of it, anyway

RT "We are their last resort." Some Africans say that safari companies' efforts to lure them with local rates this year have been half-hearted and the result of foreign visitors not being able to visit.

RT “I didn’t realize how much I’d missed flying until the moment the captain’s voice came on the speaker with the welcome and safety announcement,” Nadzri Harif said of his 85-minute flight to nowhere on Royal Brunei Airlines.

RT When the pandemic hit, dog and cat adoptions surged. Now as new pet owners look to head on vacation, the travel industry is adapting to welcome the wave of four-legged guests

RT When it comes to travel in 2020, what’s new is old is new again — just add Google Maps, face masks and curbside pickup.

#RecipeOfTheDay is another #RoshHashanah offering: Pomegranate Jewel Cake. Not that you need an excuse to make it....

Asheville NC: Things to Do, Restaurants and Breweries

St Philip, #Cosham, Hampshire. 1937 by Sir Ninian Comper. Anglo-Catholic design typical of one of the definitive church architects of C20; this was his last major work. It has a #ciborium or #baldacchino. The font canopy is fixed, the bowl is accessed by removing a column.


#RecipeOfTheDay Bubble & Squeak Cakes with Smoky Bacon, Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce

My Mum’s favourite – an absolutely delicious brunch and a fantastic alternative to the “classic” Eggs Benedict!

Check out the recipe

#breakfast #SundayMorning

#RecipeOfTheDay Raspberry & Lemon Loaf Cake

This fresh raspberry and lemon cake is exploding with fresh flavours – it is super delicious and topped with a wonderful creamy raspberry icing.

Check out the recipe

#recipes #cake #raspberry #afternoontea

After a tantalizing discovery at Venus, what could an astrobiology mission look like?

French general in charge of restoring Notre Dame says the decision to rebuild the cathedral in its original form was the right one.

Microsoft releases a final preview for Windows 10's October update via @engadget

Microsoft offers Windows 10 October update via @techxplore_com

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WOW — thanks for helping us celebrate @NDFootball’s 20th consecutive home victory and breaking our modern-day home win streak record, @Twitter!

No. 7 @NDFootball 52 - USF 0


A Lady Pouring Chocolate (or A Dutch Girl at Breakfast) is a c. 1756 oil on canvas painting by Jean-Étienne Liotard. It is the single work in which the painter most perfectly expressed his admiration for the Dutch genre painters of the Golden Age. (Rijksmuseum).

#Brooklyn #NewYork #Missing Antonio Delvalle, M/H-65YO, approx-5'09", 170lbs, mustache/beard with unknown clothing. Please call 9-1-1 if located. #Manhattan #NYC #Bronx #StatenIsland #NY #Queens #NYPD

Although initially hated Alexander the Great's perception by the Persians changed when the Alexander Romance was integrated into the great narrative epic poem of the Persian World, 'the Book of Kings.' In it Alexander became a Persian prince, 'adopted' into Persian mythology.

The sloping remains of Milecastle 48 - also known as Poltross Burn Milecastle. Housing a small unit of auxiliaries (roughly 40 men) it guarded one of the main north/south routes through Hadrian's Wall. It is one of the largest milecastles along the Wall.

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RT Can a post-vaccine return to travel be smarter and greener than it was before March 2020? Some in the tourism industry are betting on it.

RT How should you plan to safely eat, sleep and stop for gas on the road? Our Tripped Up columnist @sfirshein answers reader questions.

RT Even before the pandemic, Gibraltar was a popular wedding destination because of the minimal bureaucracy involved in tying the knot there. But the coronavirus has made it a hotspot for couples looking to wed.

RT Fall is almost like normal this year ... except for the socially distanced hay rides and the masked clowns poised to scare haunted house visitors from six feet away

RT For cruise fans, a ferry tour to see idled ships is a way to relive past excursions, when the ships were filled with music, bright lights, bustling restaurants and people sprawled out across the lido decks.

This week's @KCPubHealth Key Indicators of #COVID19 Activity Dashboard provides more encouraging signs, but we have more work to do >>>

Remember: limit close contact with others outside your home, avoid crowded & poorly-ventilated spaces & #MaskUp!

The Judgement of Solomon is a c.1640 oil on canvas painting by Matthias Stom, now in the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States.

Affordable housing eyed at San Jose site where hotel was planned near Google village via @mercnews

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RT Valley of the River Loire by Jules Dupré #themet #julesdupr

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RT Columns of the Temple of Neptune at Paestum by Constantin Hansen #themet #europeanart

RT Choosing the Dinner by Alexandre-Louis Leloir #europeanart #themet

RT Henriette Sontag (1806–1854) by Franz Napoleon Heigel #metmuseum #themet

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RT Hills around the Bay of Moulin Huet, Guernsey by Auguste Renoir #metmuseum #europeanart

RT Saints Peter, Martha, Mary Magdalen, and Leonard by Correggio #correggio #metmuseum

RT Which countries are letting Americans in? Here's the list — although rules and restrictions abound.

RT Updated: A state-by-state summary of current restrictions in the United States for leisure travelers

RT “What a beauty, what a sight,” one man shouted, as he scuttled to the front of the boat to take a closer look. “Absolutely stunning,” said a woman, her hand resting on her heart. “I just can’t wait to hop back on.”

RT The tiny British territory at the tip of Spain, with its open border and lack of restrictions, has become the go-to place for couples looking to wed

RT Can airlines really add an unexpected stop on a direct flight to pick up more passengers? That's what happened to this reader on an Allegiant Air flight.

RT RT @CeylanWrites: " They're alive, they're breathing." Cruise ships may not be sailing, but even the empty liners idling in open waters have quite the fan club. My story from Dorset.

RT “Absolutely stunning,” said a woman, her hand resting on her heart. “I just can’t wait to hop back on.”

Captain Killick, 89th Field Security Section, on patrol in the streets of Arnhem, with the intent to scout for nearby friendly forces in the area, 18 September 1944.

The patrol was able to pick up stragglers from the 2nd Parachute Battalion who lost their way to the bridge. #WW2

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RT Napoléon I (1769–1821) by Jean-Baptiste Isabey #europeanart #themet

RT RT @nytimesarts: Banksy's attempt to use trademark law instead of copyright to protect his paintings from commercial knockoffs has been thwarted by a European Union decision

RT A Woman with the Initials MCC by John Bogle #metmuseum #europeanart

RT A View of The Hague from the Northwest by Jan van Goyen #themet #metmuseum

RT Mrs. William Man Godschall (Sarah Godschall, 1730–1795) by John Russell #themet #metmuseum

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RT Flowers in a Blue Vase by Adolphe Monticelli #adolphemonticelli #metmuseum

RT Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh: An Allegory of the Dinteville Family by Master of the Dinteville Allegory #metmuseum #masterofthedintevilleallegory

RT Arabs on the March by Adolf Schreyer #europeanart #adolfschreyer

RT Girl Weaving a Garland by Camille Corot #europeanart #metmuseum

RT A few years ago, in happier times, @sw_photo traveled to an isolated corner of Italy to photograph the annual saffron harvest. See how the coveted spice is harvested:

RT Updated: A state-by-state summary of current restrictions in the United States for leisure travelers

RT Some haunted fall attractions are still going ahead with some changes, like nightly sanitizing and confining actors to "scare zones."

RT The photographer @stephaniefoden offers an intimate look at Salvador, Brazil, where the act of celebration is indelibly ingrained. See her photos here:

RT Can airlines really add an unexpected stop on a direct flight to pick up more passengers? That's what happened to this reader on an Allegiant Air flight.

RT You can still launch a pumpkin from a catapult, but hay rides will now be socially distanced and masked clowns will be poised to scare haunted house visitors from six feet away.

These 10 housing markets are poised for serious trouble

5 Ways Black Real Estate Investors Can Increase Returns As Business Shows Little Progress in Boosting Diversity -