Housing Issues

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What Housing Issues?


What is the future of rental housing?

How will COVID-19 affect rental housing?

What about the private sector?

What about Section 8?

What about race?

What is the role of the church?

Who takes the lead?

What are the responsibilities of all the parties?

What about the Community Reinvestment Act?

What is the role of financial institutions?

What is the role of local government?

What about the inner city?

What about affordable housing?

CPA, real estate management, LIHTC, housing issues, affordable housing developers

LIHTC, housing issues, Mesa Realty Advisors

real estate asset management, affordable housing developers, housing issues

Qualified Allocation Plan

housing issues, non-profits, real estate asset management, LIHTC, affordable housing developers

developers, housing issues, real estate, LIHTC, affordable housing developers

consultants, asset management, housing issues, LIHTC, affordable housing developers

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Rick Toney Is A Seasoned Real Estate Professional With Over 30 Years Of Real Estate Experience, Writes A Weekly Real Estate Blog And Is A Principal of Blue Moon Realty Group And Mesa Realty Advisors. Blue Moon Realty Group Is A Residential Redevelopment Company Specializing In The Purchase And Renovation Of Older And Physically Distressed Homes (Flip This House Boston). Mesa Realty Advisors Is An Affordable Housing Developer Specializing In The Redevelopment Of Existing Low-Income Housing Properties. Rick Is A Certified Public Accountant (CPA - Retired) In The State Of California, A Certified Property Manager (CPM - Retired) And A Real Estate Broker In The States Of California (Retired) And Massachusetts (Retired).


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    Good ideas.

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